At Fleye Copenhagen, sustainability is about creating timeless eyewear that last longer while keeping a responsible mindset.

We strive to create eyewear that is long lasting in their design, expression and quality, allowing for them to be used for many years to come. 

Careful considerations down to every little detail and many thoughtful choices have been made while designing a Fleye frame. The choice of material is one of them; the eyewear must be light and the elements must support the aesthetics and personality of the frame. 

Moreover, we always produce our eyewear in allergy-friendly materials, mainly in the super light yet durable materials such as beta-titanium, HDCA acetate as well as carbon fiber and wood. This makes the frames last longer, which is also more sustainable in the long run. 

We tend to say that Fleye frames are long lasting. This means that you can wear your Fleye frames until you get tired of the design, and not because they break. At Fleye Copenhagen, it is possible to get spare parts for your frames. Whether you need new nose pads, a nose bridge, a frame front or temples, you can have it replaced with us.* 

To us, this is sustainability in practice. 

*In most cases spare parts are available. However, in some cases e.g. for older models, spare parts cannot be obtained.


We do not claim to be a 100% sustainable brand, but we are in the process of learning and very aware of our impact on our environment. Therefore, we are working hard towards reducing the climate footprint that we leave behind across our business. 

Besides our eyewear, packaging is also one of our focus areas, where we are rethinking sustainability into the process, so that we can help make a difference and work towards becoming as responsible a brand as possible. 

For many years we have produced all Fleye look books in FSC eco-certified paper. We have initiated the discontinuing of the use of all plastic bags in our packaging replacing them with compostable plastic, which is less harmful to the environment. 

A few years ago, we went from launching new eyewear collections every season, to now only launching one new collection a year and making smaller productions, in order to avoid overproduction. 

Our next step is to rethink the production of our cases, so that they are easier to recycle as well as to produce our cleaning cloths in reused materials such as recycled thread – without compromising on our quality. In addition, we are also in the process of replacing aircraft with trains for the delivery of our products.

To us, sustainability is a constant journey – each day we are trying to develop our brand in a more sustainable direction. We have already taken the first important steps on this challenging but also quite exciting journey – and there is much more on the way. 

We hope that you will follow our journey.