FLEYE Copenhagen's SS18 collection is dedicated to Scandinavian food culture, intended to inspire with the colors, textures, and layerings of Danish smørrebrød.

This open-faced sandwich is an important part of Danish heritage, reflecting the Nordic way of thinking of food visually. It's become a playground for chefs to try out different but powerful colors, textures, and taste combinations.

Our intention was to create small art pieces inspired by this Danish tradition. In line with our design identity, we've blended the urban Nordic impulses with the classic simplicity that our frames are known for.

For FLEYE, award-winning Danish chef Rasmus Kjær created smørrebrød using seasonal ingredients. We have deconstructed the sandwich in order to define seasonal colors for our eyewear.

Smørrebrød caught our attention because of its layered construction. This is why we've chosen solid and transparent acetates in order to build our own versions of smørrebrød. From there it took us to our new frame design.