This season we are introducing the second part of our “Flowers of Denmark” campaign. The ice blocks that were capturing the frozen flora in AW18 have melted and the flowers have given space for a soft float under water. These floral portraits with their stunning magnifying and color intensifying effects led to the new shapes and colors of the SS19 collection.

For our latest campaign, we have found inspiration from a Danish icon: Flora Danica is a well known botanical collection for the 18th century. With a fresh take on the subject, we created our own floral portraits using flowers, trees, and shrubs often seen in Danish gardens.

“The colors turned out to be incredibly powerful in our pictures. By blowing air bubbles in the water tank we were causing a fascinating optical distortion of the flowers which gave inspiration for new acetate patterns, titanium laser engravings and overall shapes.” - Annette Estø, Head of Design

We are introducing 29 new designs with colorful news in all product categories, such as 11 new patterns of Acetate, flower related engravings in the Titanium collection, and strong shapes in Carbon wood that subtly resembles the floating leaves and petals.


Discover our SS19 lookbook and experience the full inspiration.