Closely aligned with our Danish heritage, our latest campaign led us to the abundant Danish flora. Our ”Flowers of Denmark”, captured and photographed in melting ice blocks, provided inspiration for the dense colours and layered shapes for Autumn and Winter 2018/19.

For our latest campaign, we have found inspiration from a Danish icon: Flora Danica is a well known botanical collection for the 18th century. With a fresh take on the subject, we created our own floral portraits using flowers, trees, and shrubs often seen in Danish gardens.

“Our idea was to emphasize the plants and illustrate their intrinsic qualities, just like the iconic Flora Danica illustrations from the 1700s, only doing so from a very new perspective. In these still-life images, taken by photographer Ida Emilie Risager, lies the inspiration for the rich and dense frame colors as well as the structures and layerings in our newest eyewear. ” - Annette Estø, Head of Design

FLEYE is introducing 41 new frame designs in a wide color range. The captivating pictures led to deep frame colors and 11 wild patterned new acetates. There is also focus on solid and clean shapes within the frame design, introducing these new designs into the three basic product categories: Carbon/Wood, Acetate and Beta-Titanium.


Discover our AW18/19 lookbook and experience the full inspiration.