A re-interpretation of iconic and classic shapes with contemporary, distinctive cuts.

With a clear architectonic inspiration we have created a collection of expressive acetate frames.

With its unexpected etching, the Acetate Collection offers a re-interpretation of classic shapes into modern-day designs. A surprising combination of materials as well as a play on colors and added etching creates a distinctive look. The collection features acetate in a range of deep hues, unique tones and marble inspired patterns, which give the frames an individual and sophisticated look.

Beta-titanium is beautifully integrated into the frames, looping through the acetate from one end of the temple to the other. This complicated procedure produces a unique and innovative detail that balances the design.

The fusion of acetate and beta-titanium is a distinctive feature of the Acetate Collection. The frames integrate exciting acetate patterns and colors with fine cut beta-titanium in a completely new way.