FLEYE Copenhagen is the first eyewear brand to blend carbon fibers and natural wood in one glasses frame.

It is a fine balance of opposites. Engineering vs. nature. Super strong, dark graphical carbon fiber patterns vs. the organic textures of natural wood.

Our Carbon Wood Collection is handcrafted from an innovative combination of carbon and wood. The Carbon/Wood frames consist of 23 layers of carbon fiber and 1 silky finish-layer of natural or colored wood. Each carbon layer is thin as paper, light as a feather and stronger than steel. Despite the featherlight weight, carbon frames are exceptionally strong.

Each carbon layer is only 0,1 mm ensuring an extremely light frame that at the same time keeps its shape. We use a 0,3 mm thin layer of natural oak wood or colored wood to add an exclusive and natural warmth to the raw carbon frames.

This season, FLEYE takes the development even further and introduces carbon frames with colored wooden surfaces in the most beautiful shades of Indigo Blue, Majestic Purple and Velvet Black for a warm and natural look.